Meet the Owner - Jennifer's Story.


In April 2009, the idea of owning a Pilates studio was the farthest thing from Jennifer Buckels mind. Jennifer was at her heaviest (240lbs) - heavier than during her pregnancies.  She avoided being in photos, dreaded shopping for clothes, got winded going up stairs, and unsuccessfully tried to lose weight on her own every time the calendar read January 1.


On April 22, 2009, that all changed.


In Jennifer's own words, "I decided that I was done being the fat Mom!" Jennifer implemented healthier eating habits and a daily exercise program of working out 3-4 days a week, walking on the days in between.  Making these important lifestyle choices, Jennifer noticed a marked improvement in her life. Her health was improving, her energy was better and her weight was dropping! By April 2010, one year later, Jennifer had lost 90 pounds! As challenging as this has been for her to break her old "bad" habits at times, the benefits have clearly won out. "Forgoing that dessert, but being able to chase my kids around the lawn without getting winded is worth it every time."


Jennifer not only committed incorporating Pilates into her health and fitness regimen, but also simultaneously began a rigorous training program in Los Angeles to join the ranks of Pilates Instructors. Upon completion of this comprehensive curriculum, Jennifer began to lead intense, fun and challenging classes- helping them succeed in their fitness journey!


1580 N Stonehenge Way Suite 102.

Meridian, ID 83642​