Our Instructors

CUTTING EDGE PILATES instructors offer personalized classes that focus on strength training, flexibility and core work each and every time. Our instructors are certified specifically on our amazing machines, teaching you techniques that will maximize the benefits of your each and every movement!

Jennifer Buckels. Owner, Lead Instructor

Jennifer has studied with master trainers Marie Jose-Blom, Kendel Pink, and Alicia Head from Long Beach Dance Conditioning and received her certification from Sebastien Lagree.

Before moving to Idaho, Jennifer simultaneously managed and taught two energetic Pilates studios in Southern California. Once here, Jennifer began teaching Pilates classes in the Treasure Valley, while still being sought after and flown across the country to train up-and-coming fitness instructors on the ProFormer.

In 2013, Jennifer's dream of bringing "a better way to Pilates" to the people of Idaho became a reality when she opened...CUTTING EDGE PILATES!!!


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Ben Buckels. Instructor


Ben has been an athlete since grade school participating in a wide array of sports such as football, baseball, basketball and track and field to name a few. However, you may recognize Ben as he was a BSU Cheerleader ("GO BIG BLUE!!!").


Ben is well versed in machine pilates having personally taken classes since the age of 13! Working out in machine pilates classes while simultaneously participating in sports improved his overall performance. Ben specifically found that the core work provided by CEP was even obvious to his coaches who were asking him "...what are you doing outside of our team workouts?".


Being a firm believer in the strength training machine pilates provided, Ben decided early on that he would one day be an instructor! Having gone through the CEP Instructor Training course, you will find Ben leading classes at CEP or even working out next to you!

Meghann Barker. Instructor

Meghann has always been a very active individual. Finding that she would get bored with typical gym workout routines, Meghann frequently would try new exercise formats in an attempt to find one that would hold her interest. She first tried pilates in 2011 and realized she had found the workout she had been looking for. 

After relocating several times for school and work, Meghann found it difficult to steadily take classes at pilates studios around the country. She became very inconsistent with attending classes and again found herself bored with working out. When Meghann relocated to Boise at the start of 2016, she immediately began taking machine pilates classes at Cutting Edge Pilates (CEP) and realized that her love for pilates was still there! Meghann also found that the classes at CEP held her interest, were super effective and challenge her each and every time! 

Meghann is thrilled to have trained up to be an instructor at Cutting Edge Pilates and is eager to share her love and passion for pilates, as well as a healthy lifestyle, with each and every client at CEP!!!

Jennifer Carlson. Instructor


Beginning with color guard in junior high, Jennifer embraced a love of interpretive dance and visuals to music. She continued her training through high school building strength, balance and discipline. Later in life...and three children later, Jennifer went looking for a routine that would reinforce that strength and discipline she developed in her younger years. She became involved in yoga and quickly fell in love with this new opportunity to build strength and flexibility. 

With a recent move to Idaho, a desire to add to her training lead Jennifer to branch out and try a pilates class at Cutting Edge Pilates -- it was love at first class! Jennifer loved finding that each workout at Cutting Edge Pilates is different and allows her muscles to strengthen equally. After taking classes as a client, Jennifer made the decision to train up and become a Cutting Edge Pilates instructor. 

Jennifer is very excited to share her love of pilates and its benefits with clients of CEP as she continues her journey. She'll see you in class!

Leslie Howard. Instructor


Leslie (an Idaho Native), grew up with a love of sports and being a member of her school dance team. Into adulthood, Leslie continued participating in softball, volleyball, kettle bell training and other group fitness classes.  However, she was looking for an exercise regimen that would challenge her and keep her motivated to make exercise part of her daily routine. In 2013, Leslie found Cutting Edge Pilates (CEP) and hasn’t looked back!

Leslie fell in love not only with the intensity of the CEP exercises but the immediate changes that were beginning to reshape her body.  CEP has allowed Leslie to get to know her body, work at a pace she is comfortable with, without the pressure of keeping up with those working out around her, while building a strong core and surpassing her fitness goals.

In a desire to share her love of Pilates with others, Leslie decided to train up!  Just ask her- Leslie will share with you how Cutting Edge Pilates is a great workout for all ages, body shapes and fitness levels.  


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