"I just love these classes.  They are helping me in so many more ways than just getting a workout in.  They are helping boost my confidence, self-esteem, energy levels, attitude, lowering my stress levels, everything.  I am fitting into some of my size 8 clothes now and am enjoying the new shape I am seeing emerge. I am also doing better at work as I am able to tap into the "new" muscles to help with my back/neck/shoulders and also strengthened by my core and feel stronger and steadier in what I am doing! They are so worth the time, effort and expense!!!!!"

- Laura F.

"THANK YOU for opening a location in Meridian! I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR CLASSES!!!

I have been working out at the gym for 5 months and I swear I am not getting anywhere. I have been taking your classes for two weeks and I can tell a difference.


-Tashia R. Meridian

"I love the CUTTING EDGE workout because it helps target and tone muscles from head to toe; I've even discovered muscles I didn't know existed!

My body always feels like it's doing something new so the workout never gets mundane or boring. Their innovative machines paired with patient and knowledgeable instruction, are the keys for successful results that need to be experienced firsthand to be fully understood and appreciated."

-Jamie G, Nampa

"After using the CUTTING EDGE PILATES machines, I can feel a difference in the way my body has responded. These machines challenge you wherever you are in your workout while helping to elongate your structure, provide resistance and tone your muscles.

At CUTTING EDGE PILATES you will get your goals met twice as fast with these wonderfully, wicked machines! " 

"It had been a few years since I had participated in a group fitness class and never tried Pilates so I was definitely intimidated before my first class. I immediately liked the workout offered at CUTTING EDGE PILATES and knew there was no question about my returning. Not only was I absolutely comfortable with the knowledgeable instruction but I was able to see and feel the results.  As for the ProFormer machine...I love it! I cannot express enough how much I recommend that everyone give CUTTING EDGE PILATES a try." 

-Darla S, Nampa

"You'll get the best full-body workout you've ever had, in just 40 minutes.

Gaining strength all while lengthening & leaning muscles, increasing flexibility,

getting cardio, & most important having fun.

It's simply AMAZING!

You owe it to yourself to do this class..."

-Seth H, Former D1 Football Player & Track Athlete

"The first class of the morning sure comes early but I have to say, Jennifer is kicking my butt and doing wonders for my knee!!

Much more than the 6 weeks of physical therapy that made it worse.

Thanks Jennifer!"

-Stephanie O, Caldwell

"I just completed my 10th class and want to say thanks! In August/December of last year I had a prophylactic double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. I have been seeing a physical therapist since last November to work on shoulder mobility as a result of my surgeries. Today I graduated from PT and she noticed a huge improvement in my strength!
If feels so good to feel like myself again and I attribute your pilates classes to helping me regain my strength and fitness level. I am super amazed at the results I have achieved in just 10 classes and plan to continue. Your instructors have been great at helping me modify the exercises as needed. I love that I can work my entire body in just 40 minutes!"

-Emily B. Eagle

"I have only been attending classes at CEP about 3 weeks, but I can feel the slow but steady improvements in my body and mind.  Every class I learn different exercises and the variety is amazing, especially since I get bored easily. My favorite line the instructors say is something similar to "move how far your body wants you to move today - listen to what your body is saying" no pressure, go at your own pace....instead of someone yelling "...If you're not vomiting, you're not working hard enough!"  Been there, done that..in my early 20's. I was just trying to find something that I could do with my rheumatoid limitations....and I think I've finally found the winner after searching for 5 years and I would go every day if I could!"

-Tara C. Nampa

"It gets you strong, toned, & flexible in the shortest amount of time. You always know you're going to get a consistently great workout."

-Tillie H, Former D1 Track & Field Athlete

In 2018, Danielle Davidson (an online M.A. student at Arizona State University) carried the title of Miss Meridian USA 2018 and was moving forward with competing for the title of Miss Idaho USA 2019! In preparation towards the big day, Danielle sought out Cutting Edge Pilates.

In her own words, "(Cutting Edge Pilates) was wonderful. I learned so much about how to tone my body effectively, and found this has given me the long, lean, toned muscles desired! Jennifer and all the Instructors at Cutting Edge Pilates were a great support during my preparations for the Miss Idaho USA stage. I feel more prepared than ever to get out on stage and show off the hard work and toned body. Thanks Cutting Edge Pilates for everything you do and for helping us all achieve our dream bodies!"

- Danielle D. Meridian


1580 N Stonehenge Way Suite 102.

Meridian, ID 83642​